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December 16, 2022
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December 16, 2022

BSI Chip

Fast Technology BSI Chip Suppliers In China

Each sensor’s numerous visual components, or pixels, are what you arrange in a matrix arrangement. Each pixel has wires in the center and a lens in the front and a sensor in behind. The lenses of a traditional sensor are placed in front of a transistor matrix. As a result, a portion of the light is filtered as it travels through a web of transistors and wires to the lens. We can offer you great quality by being among the top-notch BSI chip suppliers.

BSI sensors and frontside illuminated (FSI) sensors share a lot of the same technology; the arrangement is merely different. The light that enters the lens is captured by these sensors, which subsequently transform it into electrical impulses that preserve as image files on your camera’s memory card.

Benefits of the BSI Chip

  • More Light Captured

No matter which way light enters the lens, BSI sensors can readily record and capture it. This we can tell as leading BSI chip suppliers.

  • Noise Reduction

As BSI chip suppliers, noise reduction is a crucial benefit of BSI sensors. A camera with a backside illuminated sensor may use higher ISOs while producing less noise when you compare them to FSI sensor cameras.

  • More Rapid Recording and Signal Transmission

As BSI chip suppliers, our signal processing and image recording are both significantly faster with a BSI sensor. Cameras with faster autofocus and burst shooting usually employ this more current sensor technology.

  • Better Low-Light Photography

Digital noise levels for cameras with BSI sensors significantly decrease, according to testing we known as one of the leading nxp ic chip suppliers and bsi chip suppliers