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Everything You Need to Know About Integrated Circuits & Its Types
February 23, 2023
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April 26, 2023

Brief Introduction to Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits

History Of Integrated Circuits:

The integrated circuit was invented by Jack Kilby as well as Robert Noyce, whereas the development of IC can be done at Fairchild by Noyce. So, Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments in Dallas has implemented the same idea there. In the year 195, July Noyce filed a copyright for the origin of the IC. Ceruzzi ignored the breakthrough of IC component separation.

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Successive Generations of Integrated Circuits:

From the very first ICs, there have been many generations of these chips, each with its own unique combination of transistors and logic gates. Below is a table listing the generations of ICs and their respective capacities.

Medium-scale integration, or MSI, is a technology that utilizes 10–500-transistor circuits and 13–99 logic gates.

Large-scale integration, also known as LSI, is a technology that utilizes anywhere from five hundred to twenty thousand transistors and one hundred to nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine logic gates.

Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) refers to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of transistors and tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of logic gates.

Ultra-large-scale integration (ULSI) technology uses one million transistors and one hundred thousand logic gates.

IC Architecture:

The die is a semiconductor material like silicon or Si used in an integrated circuit. Fabrication techniques such as doping, metallization, chemical deposition of vapor, and photolithography can transform this into a functional course. This method produces multiple circuits on a single wafer, which are then cut apart using a dicing process. Electrical connections between the terminals of the package, also known as pins, and the equivalent nodes of the die on IC allow the die to be enclosed within a package and connected via wires.

What is the Function of an IC?

The working of an integrated circuit is similar to an amplifier, timer, microprocessor, oscillator, and computer memory. An IC is a tiny silicon wafer with thousands of components like resistors, transistors, capacitors, and more packed. These small components can execute different calculations to store data through either analog or digital technology.

Logic gates in digital integrated circuits only deal in binary, with values of zero and one. A digital IC can be used to send a zero-value signal to a device, while a one-value signal can be generated by a high signal. You can typically find digital integrated circuits in computers, networking gear, and other consumer electronics.

Different integrated circuits like Analog and linear functions with permanent values mean an electronic component over a linear IC can utilize any kind of value & output another value. So, the linear IC is used as the o/p value is the linear input function. Usually, linear ICs are used in audio & RF amplification.